Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flowers, Water, and Cool Weather

I know I know. I have a really hard time choosing just 1 picture to describe my day. So you will have to suffer through 4 of them.

So here is some of our adventures at Lake Tahoe. We just loafed around the house for a bit and then we decided to find some hiking trails after lunch. We didn't find any hiking trails, but we came across another little town on the edge of the lake (I can't remember what it was). It was really cute, but seemed super busy. We followed a little path down to the lake and found tons of Geese and wildflowers everywhere on the shore. It was so cool to see a field of 'wild' lupine.


So after hanging out there for a while we ambled on over to a little museum that we passed earlier. It had a lot of neat native american baskets and such in it and some really cool 'old' or maybe 'vintage' is a better word, but they had some pretty cool things in there. What can I say, I am a sucker for things of the past. I just love stuff like that.

I saw this sign in the museum and I thought that all those who are/were teachers may think this humorous....I know I did.


Well on our walk through this little town there was a dam (of course I don't remember the name of it), but Weston said that he saw a sign there that said that this lake is one of the CLEAREST in the world. This picture doesn't really do it justice, but that water was SO clear! It was pretty cool looking.


I am kind of tired today so I am finding that the journaling on this just isn't really flowing very well. Sorry about that.

Anyway, we made it to a state park that said it had hiking trails and a lot of historical buildings, but we ended up just hanging out on a dock that was there and then played on the beach.

We didn't bring swim suits. And the girls promised not to get wet. =)

The girls were playing on some big rocks that were on the edge of the shore and when I got back from taking Acadia to the bathroom they were WAY out in the water.

But, this didn't come as a surprise to me. This is just what happens when you mix kids and water and a dad who was busy reading a book together.

This picture was taken after they had walked in a bit. They were so wet and ended up riding in the car in just their skimpies.


I am so grateful for all of God's creations.

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Afreaka said...

Sounds very fun! I know all about kids and water. I don't know how many times have we gone for a walk on the beach, in just our regular clothes, and my kids have come home soaking wet!