Monday, July 6, 2009

What did you do with my HUSBAND?!

So Weston has been surprising me for the past few months doing extra little 'nice' things for me. And today beat them all!

A few days ago he told me that for his day off it was his turn to decide what we were going to do. So I said ok.

On Monday I hear someone saying 'Time to get up! Time to go!' at 6:00AM.....SIX AM!!! So I shower and dress then wake the kids up and we all pile in the car.

We are driving and driving and driving....after about 4 hours of driving I ask him 'So where are we going today?' He just smiles and says 'I'm not telling.' =/

We took a pit stop and ,as you can see by this sign, we are out in the middle of nowhere in what looks like a desert. I don't know the area enough to know what may be worth seeing out here.


A few more hours pass and we stop for lunch. So I ask him again 'Where are we headed?' and I basically get the same response. It was just making me smile and wrack my brain for what may be out here. We drive into Navada and Ashlyn is going crazy with wanting to know how much longer (which he wouldn't tell us) and where we are going.....she seems to have to know everything about everything or else it makes her crazy. =)

The day drags on and we arrive in...what!? What did that sign just say? California?! So we start questioning him again. But he was so good at keeping the secret. To make a long story short, around dinner time we end up at Lake Tahoe!

He had packed all of our bags for us (only forgeting a couple of minor things) without us knowing and had toys to keep the kids entertained for the drive and buckets and such to play on the beaches at the lake! It was quite a surprise and so unlike my husband. And he took a few days off of work and doesn't have to be back until Friday. Wow is all I have to say.

I am grateful that I didn't meet any of those scorpions or snakes at that rest stop.


Dragon said...

How fun! What a nice surprise.

Colorado Kid said...

Oh my gosh! That made me glisten! What a sweet husband!!!

Afreaka said...

Oh. My. Gosh!!!!! How fun for you guys!

Chickadee said...

Nice. That's great he planned all that. It would have driven me crazy not knowing. That sign is great, too.

AZ Hey-mon said...

That is awesome that he totally suprised you. What a fun adventure.