Saturday, November 30, 2013


We went to a park today....Pioneer had lots of petrified sand dunes and boulders everywhere.
It is great place for climbing boulders and letting the kids explore.
 photo 2013_11_30e_zpsad25528b.jpg

It's even a great place for silly husbands.

 photo 2013_11_30b_zps28bccd98.jpg

 photo 2013_11_30_zps853c4c31.jpg

We found this great 'crack' that lots of people were exploring that went under the petrified sand dunes for quite a long ways.  There was one part that I was able to see them and snap a picture of them from up above....cause I hung out up above with Baby Ponyo.

 photo 2013_11_30f_zpsf97301aa.jpg

 photo 2013_11_30g_zps41a474bd.jpg

 photo 2013_11_30i_zps3654002d.jpg

 photo 2013_11_30h_zps7b270812.jpg

We spent pretty much the whole day there playing and exploring and having fun together.

I am grateful that my cell phone is a camera phone so I could capture these moments throughout the day.

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Kimberly said...

What a cool place!