Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Moving Camp

With how big and with the few roads that do run through Yellowstone, getting from one end to the other can take forever.  So since we had seen pretty much everything that we could do with small children at the southern end of the park we decided to pack up and move camp to the northern end this morning.

 photo 2013_08_21_zps6698d1cf.jpg 
We scouted out a few different camp grounds and picked one that we thought would do for a couple of days.

We just kinda lazed around the camp ground today...setting it up, eating lunch, and playing games.

 photo 2013_08_21b_zps88e07de3.jpg 
Then the kids started to bug us about going to see some things at this end of the park.

So we piled in the car and went for a drive.

Spotted a Bison...
  photo 2013_08_21c_zps0305290a.jpg
..... some hot pots....
  photo 2013_08_21e_zpsbedadcf8.jpg 

  photo 2013_08_21f_zps283e9ce2.jpg

  photo 2013_08_21g_zps83ab9ef7.jpg
 ....and then a storm rolled.  And with it colder weather.

So we went in search of a place that I had read about on the internet.  (I believe it is called Boiling River).  It wasn't marked on the map we had and we didn't see signs for it anywhere.  But we managed to find it...yea!  We were all cold with the the cooler temps that the storm brought with it and so it seemed like the trail to the boiling river was taking FOREVER.

  photo 2013_08_21j_zps56de52f9.jpg 
But, alas it came into sight!

It's like a natural hot tub. Found halfway between Gardiner and Mammoth.  It is where a hot spring named the boiling river flows into the Gardiner river. And it is one of the few places in the park where you are allowed to swim.
  photo 2013_08_21k_zps2b907fce.jpg

There were waterfalls of hot water pouring into the cold water and rocks have been placed around it to help create this hot tub.

There were spots where the water would be cold, but you would just have to take a step to the side and it would be warm or hot or, if you got too close to a waterfall, boiling hot.

But it was SO perfect for a day like today.
(I'm kinda glad there weren't any signs for this would have been not fun to have it overcrowded)

 photo 2013_08_21l_zps3668c470.jpg 

When we felt like we were turning into prunes we started to head back to our camp.
 photo 2013_08_21d_zps195c700a.jpg

It was getting late so we stopped in Mammoth on the way back to grab some dinner at one of the few restaurants in the park.  While we were eating is started pouring again. Boo!

Well we had a surprise when we got back to our camp site.  Our site had pretty much flooded while we were away.  Some nice camping neighbor came and moved the kids tent up onto higher ground and saved our canopy and camping chairs that were getting blown away.  My tent was kinda wet but not too bad, but in the dark of the night we moved it up next to the kids tent just in case.

But we were able to laugh about it once we got settled down for the night.
All part of the adventure.

I am thankful for nice warm water.


Kimberly said...

Camping is always an adventure!

Carolyn (Dragon) said...

Whoorah! For great camping neighbors!

Shauna Haymond said...

I'm glad there were thoughtful people close by. This sounds like an amazing trip.