Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Another Day at Yellowstone

If  you have been to Yellowstone before then you will understand when I say that a lot of the things to see there are very similar....so for little kids it can get boring.

So we went and saw some more of the awesome creations from Mother Nature...
 photo 2013_08_20_zpsad14c9f5.jpg 

Had Baby Ponyo almost run/fall off this board walk a few times...
  photo 2013_08_20d_zps67480e28.jpg 

Saw some really colorful lake thingies
  photo 2013_08_20b_zps2c00a4d3.jpg 
 photo 2013_08_20c_zps97214f52.jpg 
And then we went to the swimming hole.
  photo 2013_08_20n_zps2d688729.jpg 
It was a neat little spot... the water was a little on the cold side, and out in the middle there was a current, but all in all we had fun playing in the water.
  photo 2013_08_20o_zps4ba20788.jpg 

  photo 2013_08_20m_zps7b94db28.jpg 

  photo 2013_08_20l_zpsd4e542d9.jpg 

....until the kids got too cold.
  photo 2013_08_20p_zpsaea9a424.jpg 

 While the wee ones were drying off and warming up, Weston and I went for dip by our selves.  Lets just say that I haven't laughed so hard and felt so dumb!  The swimming hole is kinda formed on one end by a small row of rocks which is in turn a small waterfall.  Well we swam over by the rocks and Weston was pretending to get swept down the little fall....but in the act of pretending he actually went over the fall.

And then 2 seconds later a teenager that was near us got sucked down it too!!!

At first I was freaking out a little because I thought he was going to get swept down stream.....and a little ways down that stream is a HUGE water fall.  But luckily the water was very shallow on the other side and didn't have much of a current.

Well when I see he's going to be ok we both start  laughing so hard and then next thing I know I am all of the sudden sucked down the water fall also!

We got banged up a little from landing on the rocks but it was really such a funny site!!!  I am just SO grateful that it was a tiny fall and that it was so shallow on the other side.....don't think I'll be swimming near a waterfall again

I do wish we had it on tape.....and our kids didn't even noticed what had happened. lol

Well we then head back to our camp site and after dinner the older 3 and I head down to the lake near our site.
 photo 2013_08_20g_zps98cfd602.jpg 
We had fun seeing who could throw their rock the farthest, who could skip a rock, then we watched all the fish come to the surface to much on the bugs that were landing on the water.

  photo 2013_08_20f_zpsbd24ee33.jpg 
And then we just watched the beautiful sunset...

 photo 2013_08_20j_zpsd7b5083d.jpg 
....until it was almost too dark to find our way back.

 photo 2013_08_20k_zps43eb0f38.jpg 

 I am grateful that no one got hurt today.


Shauna Haymond said...

Oh my gosh! That's a little scary!

Looks like a wonderful trip. Yellowstone is at the top of our list of places to visit.

Kimberly said...

You guys are making great memories!