Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm gonna warn you now

Those of you who know me know that I kinda like to take pictures....of everything and anything.

So, this should not be a surprise when I say "Sorry for the photo overload" of our trip to Yellowstone.

These pictures aren't in any certain order, but they are of things that we thought was neat or funny or just wanted to remember. this sign about staying on the trail because of hot spots.  Haha!  Baby Root beer and i would chuckle every time we came across this.

 photo 2013_08_19AF_zpsb76eddb4.jpg

Yellowstone is just an amazing park.  I was amazed at how every place we went seemed to have different kinds of vegetation and wildlife.

 photo 2013_08_019AA_zps48507971.jpg

I loved how my kids were into everything too and had their cameras out to take photos of the things they loved.

**no I did not photoshop a smilie face on that mud bubble....that was naturally occurring and my kids loved spotting it.  =)  **

 photo 2013_08_19AD_zps6605649b.jpg

The mineral deposits and colors that appear in some of these hot pools is amazing.  The color of this blue one below was so inviting to me..... but no worries, I remembered that warning sign and made sure to stay out of it lol!

 photo 2013_08_19AH_zpsad96cf62.jpg

 photo 2013_08_19AE_zps8594aba7.jpg

 photo 2013_08_19AB_zpsb92c8975.jpg

 photo 2013_08_19AC_zps20bc1b6c.jpg

Oh and we have gone from leaving the fire at our house to coming to the fires here at Yellowstone.  They closed off one of the roads due to it, but we are camped pretty far away from it so I'm not to worried.

But the smoke in the air has sure led to some fiery sunsets.

 photo 2013_08_19AI_zps79f0b046.jpg

It's been a long, but fun day.

The kids were such good sports, but you could tell as the day wore on that they were getting worn out and the fighting between them was almost to the point of driving me crazy.

Once we got back to our camp site and got them tucked into their beds they all fell asleep almost instantly.

I am grateful for the beauty all around us.


Shauna Haymond said...

Awesome adventures!

Arlene said...

Great pics! I love that park!

Arlene said...
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Kimberly said...

Amazing pictures! I think the last time I went there was when Jordyn was little. In fact, I think that was when Shauna got married. Weren't you with us?