Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lets get going!

Yesterday, after school got out, we headed to California.

About 2-3 hours into our trip my car started acting really strange and it wouldn't accelerate.

So, luckily, we were by a decent sized town when this happened and were able to find a mechanic and a hotel to stay in for the night.

This morning, unfortunately, we found out that the mechanic couldn't fix it until the parts arrived for 2-3 days.   BOOO!!

We thought about renting a car, but there were no car rental places near here.  =/

So while we were trying to figure things out the kids just vegged (and complained about not heading to CA) in the hotel room.

This trip really means a lot to the kids.  We are going to be camping there with some good friends of ours.  So they kept telling me over and over that they were saying prayers that we would be able to make it there.

We finally decided to try and make it to the next biggest town (where my inlaws have a house and there is also car rental places near by)  But the drive is about 2 hours.

We make it there!!!  Woohoo!!! And unload all the stuff off the car so we can take it in somewhere to get worked on while we are in CA.

We take 2 cars with us to the mechanic and on the way there my car is acting just.fine.

No problems at all.

So we decide to drive it around for a little while and see how it handles that.

Still.  No problems.


Then we decide to just try taking my car the rest of the way to CA in the morning......i think it is like an 8 hour drive.

But for the rest of the day we decided to go and do some exploring around the area.

We ended up doing a lot of hiking.

I was so nervous when my husband took the kids over this little wall thing.

Little A was the worst to watch on it!  She had no idea what we were telling her to do and I thought that she would fall for sure....I think I closed my eyes most of the time while they were going over it.


I am grateful for answered prayers.


Shauna Haymond said...

Looks like a neat place.

Carolyn (Dragon) said...

Scary! what was Wes thinking.