Monday, March 26, 2012

A pain in the stomach

Well last week she was complaining of a pain in her tummy that radiated around her belly button.  It kept her home from school but she started feeling better.

Last night, the same thing happened.  It was still hurting her this morning so I decided to take her to the doctor.

He sent us to the Children's Hospital for a CT scan.

Here she is patiently waiting the results of the scan.

The test came back positive for appendicitis.

And , of course, all of this is happening when my husband left this morning to be out of town for the week.  

All I can say is that I am SO SO SO glad that my mom is visiting or else I would be panicked to find someone to watch the rest of my kids during this ordeal. (especially since it just so happens that my In laws are out of town too.)

She was such a trooper about it all and wasn't nervous about the surgery.

Now we just had wait our turn for surgery.



I must say, that this hospital is awesome for kids.  Everyone that we came across was so kind to us and spoiled my Baby RB.

There was a playstation in her room and lots of games and movies to choose from.

One lady came around with crafts for her and left several for her to do.

Another lady brought these Buddy dolls.  My little girl got to draw on a face and hair.  Then she got to give the doll an IV in it's arm....she got to use real medical equipment just like they used to put the one in her arm.

Then they gave her a doll for her to give to each of her sisters.


Everyone was surprised at how well she was tolerating the pain.  But it was getting progressively worse.

Then the waiting was over and it was her turn to for surgery.


You can't tell from this next picture but with the way her hair was fanned around her head and how blue her eyes were when she opened them, she reminded me of Sleeping Beauty.  Maybe I should change her nick name on here to that.?

But I was thankful that she made it through just fine.  

While they were in there, in addition to removing her appendix, they also repaired a small hernia that we didn't know she had.


I came to a point where I was really torn with what to do next.  My little Trooper here needed to stay the night at the hospital but I really really REALLY needed to go home and nurse my baby.

My sister in law happened to call when I was trying to figure out what to do and said that she was on her way over right now to stay the night with Ash.

I must say again that I am grateful for my mom and all of her help and for my Sister-in-law for coming to stay with my girl even though she has 2 small kids of her own to care for.  I feel really blessed that I had these 2 to rescue me and help me through this day.


Arlene said...

That made me cry. Poor RB. She is so grown up, I can't stand it! Tender mercies that you had the help you needed.

We made those buddy dolls for a Humanitarian Aid project in Springville...It's cool to see one in use by someone I know! (Not that that was one from our RS, know).

Kimberly said...

I am SO glad you had family around to help you. Lots of people around here take stuff like that for granted. I know what it's like to be on your own, though, so I am grateful you weren't in that situation.