Saturday, December 12, 2009

What a joke.

So Weston was lucky enough to get some free tickets to Sesame Street Live. He talked me into taking the girls since he had to work....I didn't really want to go. I had never been to the place that it was at and I am bad with directions and I am pretty sure that I have some anxiety so going to a new place without another adult makes me nervous (I know, I know it is silly). So I manage to make it there (with 20 mintues to spare~ woohoo!) and we go to pull into the parking lot and I see that they are charging to park there. I didn't have any cash with me because everyone I talked to said that they had never had to pay to park there before. So we turn around and start hunting for a free spot to park in. The place was surrounded by hotels and ALL of their parking cost fact it was about 3x as much as parking in the event parking lot. sheesh. What a rip off. So I go to find a gas station to get some cash. I find one and it turns out that the debit card I have (that I never use) goes to an account that we don't really keep money in. So I couldn't get any money out.....and, as my luck would have it, they don't take checks. So I called Weston and had him transfer some money over and I guess it takes time for it to clear because it sure wasn't working. So then I ask directions to a grocery store. I get there and have to wait in line for forever so I can buy a little pack of gum so I can get some cash out and ,of course, the debit card still isn't working so then I whip out the one check that I had on me and the cashier says 'We don't accept temporary checks' What the?! Ok, so I knew that my checks were in the mail and on their way to my house, but it was the ONLY check I had....the kind the bank just gave me the day before so I could use it at places like the grocery store. =(

Lets just say I felt like screaming and I made up my mind to just go back home until I saw my 3 girls looking at me. So I gave up on trying to find some money. And just drove around until I found a place that didn't charge for parking. It was about a kazillion-trillion-billion miles away, but we had parked our car and started walking to the event center.

We weren't really dressed to be walking out in the snow. It happened to be a really cold, windy day. I thought my ears and hands would fall off before we reached the place. And to make me even more frustrated when we finally reached the parking lot for the event, the guys were just taking down their disgustingly bright cheery orange cones and packing up their wads of money and, as I walked past them with my teeth chattering, I watched them let a car go through without having to pay! #&%#%^&$#%$@!!!!!!!!

So we get inside 20 minutes late (Remember we had actually arrived 20 minutes early?)
and, as it goes with kids, everyone had to go to the bathroom. And then we find an usher who ushers us to our little 'suite' (suite, my toosh, it was just a room that was up high that was filled with a bunch of talkative adults). And when got all settled into our seats and saw about 5 minutes of it before it was time for the intermission.

The show in general was quite the let down.....not all the pizzaz and flashy-ness that the commercials always show. A tiny little stage, actors that had a hard time staying behind the side curtain till it was their time to come out and some of the characters just acted like they had better things to do than be up on stage entertaining a bunch of kids.


So here are the girls after the show was over. None of us were looking forward to going back out there and walking the kazillion-trillion-billion miles back to our car. That place you can see out the window in the picture was charging $10 to park there.

In short:

Sesame Street Live = Bad experience


I am thankful that the girls seemed to enjoy the half of it that they did see.


Colorado Kid said...

Oh man...when it rains it pours! What a great mom you are to go through all that for your girls!!!

Chickadee said...

That stinks. At least you didn't have to pay for the show.

I get anxious about going to new places by myself, too.

Afreaka said...

Me, too. Do you think we might be related? ;P

I am sorry you had such a bad experience, CooCoo.

AZ Hey-mon said...

Now I understand the "but I know where it is!"

I just keep thinking, I hate it when that happens!

Dragon said...

That's awful!! So sorry, it was such a bad experience! at least the show was free for you! Don't know why they always make things look like they're better than they really are.