Monday, December 14, 2009

One down and a bunch more to go.

My father in-law asked Weston and I to sing the song (which I will tell you about in a later post) that we had been practicing at a huge family Christmas party tonight. It sure was scary. But we did it and it is over with. whew! I thought I sounded horrible on my little solo part (I don't have a voice that should ever sing a solo) but who cares.... I managed to do it. I had major anxiety up until the point that I sat down in my seat after we sung it. And then I could breath.

On a more positive note....I am grateful for yummy food at Christmas parties.


And I am thankful for all the excitement that you can see on the little ones faces whenever they see Santa.



Afreaka said...

I bet you sounded beautiful!

Colorado Kid said...

Dude - you sing like an angel and don't you forget it!

Dragon said...

You have a beautiful singing voice solo or otherwise, please, quit putting yourself down.