Friday, December 11, 2009

What was I thinking!?

I am such a sucker when it comes to animals. I have always thought that 2 cats was the limit. The perfect number to have......but somehow I got talked into taking another one.

So meet the newest addition to our family, Leo.


He belonged to Weston's mom. He kept pooping on the same spot in her house. And it seemed that her house was the only house that he did that at. We had him over once before (for a week) and he never did it. And he had been over to 2 other peoples houses before for a week or so and nothing there either. So she called me crying asking if we would take him because she just couldn't bring herself to take him to the pound. We have done that before...had to take a pet to the pound because no one would take care of her until we were in an apartment....and it was the hardest thing ever. So when she called we just couldn't say no....but we did tell her that if he pooped anywhere in the house she would have to come and get him.

So, here he is.

I am thankful that he seems to be happy here with us.


Afreaka said...

You are going to end up as one of those crazy ladies with a house full of cats!

Colorado Kid said...

Oh no you din't! Good for you!

Chickadee said...

Ha ha!

Rick and I rescued a cat from the drop box at the pound once.