Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!


I wish that I saw the world as a child does all time. Then I wouldn't have any hum-drum days. I love how kids find fascination with everything. Today the girls saved 2 dragonflies from our little pool. The dragons just hung to their little fingers waiting for their wings to dry. We had a lot of fun getting a close up look at these guys. Their faces are quite amusing. I mean, doesn't it looks like he stopped to give me this big grin? I love it!


When the evening came we went to Weston's parents house to celebrate his birthday along with all of the 4th festivities. There was some hot tubbing, rock climbing, and food eating.


And of course it wouldn't be the 4th without the fireworks. We waited awhile for Lagoon to set off their fireworks.....but this year it never happened. I later found out that it was because Lagoon said that it had been a slow year, so no BIG fireworks this time, bummer for us.


I am grateful for all who fought (and still fight) for our freedoms.


Afreaka said...

Sounds like a fun day!

Dragon said...

no wonder she got to the top of the slide so fast. Look at her climbing up the wall! She has more courage than me. Just be prepared when she tells you she taking up skydiving.

Colorado Kid said...

Love all your pictures!