Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What am I going to do with her.

Well, Acadia is turning into a water baby. Our city pool has 2 water slides and a little water 'park' play area at it.

One day during swimming lessons a little girl came up to me and said that she liked my towel. Well in the time it took her to say that and for me to say thank-you Acadia had took off....I was looking around trying to find her and some movement at the top of the water slide caught my eye.

Yup, it was Acadia and a swim lesson instructor (that happen to see her go up the stairs) that was trying to get her to come down. I couldn't believe how fast she was...we weren't sitting close to the slides. It made my heart jump to my throat! Knowing her love for water AND slides it could have turned ugly fast.

So from then on I made sure to stay FAR away from them and have been distracting her with the little water 'park' area.


I am grateful that the swimming pool lets little ones play in the water 'park' while the others are in swimming lessons.


Chickadee said...

She is quite the adventurer.

Today Aidan was saying he wants to move to your state so he can be closer to his cousins. We miss you guys!

Colorado Kid said...

That stinker! Would she wear one of the suits with a built in floaty?

Tell Aidan to keep asking!!

and i love this picture!

Dragon said...

What a stinker! Glad that someone saw her.