Friday, June 26, 2009

A Day in the Woods

We went on another city adventure today. I am grateful that I am finding so many close to my house.

This one was to one of the many hiking trails.....and it was only about 2 minutes away. This one is a paved one and relatively flat. Part of it goes past the animals at Lagoon and part of it went to the duck pond.


I told the girls that we would bring the bikes....and that was before I tried to figure out how to get 2 bikes and a trike in the car. =/ But I managed to jam them all in hoping that I would be able to get them back out.

But it all worked out and they rode while I walked pushing Acadia.....and at times pushing both Acadia and Ella on their bikes when there was a hill. It is a good thing that it was shady because we were wandering the trail for about 2 hours....and we had to stop because I was the one who's legs were tired.


Chickadee said...

Did you go looking for the mine? :)

Colorado Kid said...

Fun! I would be tired, too!

Dragon said...

Sounds like lots of fun, but sounds like lots of work for you. I take it that the trail was shady, or was it.