Thursday, June 25, 2009

A day off

I always love it when Weston gets a day off. Today we worked hard around the yard, took the girls to swim lessons, and then decided to head out to a lake.


I have come to learn that I would never survive in a state that doesn't have a beach of some kind. And it was such a perfect least for about 3 hours. And then all of the sudden this huge dark cloud rolls in and then it got super windy (peoples canopy/tent things were blowing away) and then slowly the rain drops started splattering on the ground. So, we decided that it was probably a good time to head home.

I am grateful for inexpensive mini-retreats.


AZ Hey-mon said...

their expresions look really cute!

mjhay said...

That must have been Thursday. That was a crazy storm that took over the sky. What lake did you go to?

Clammy said...


Chickadee said...

Classic summertime image.

Colorado Kid said...

That's awesome! Love the tubes.