Sunday, February 8, 2009

Secret Beach

Weston's parents talked us into going to church today.... I don't know why I never want to go when I am not at my church. It was pretty cool. They greet everyone from the pulpit with aloha and the congregation answers back with aloha. And then at the end everyone sang Aloha Oe to a girl in their ward that was moving away. Afterwards I wanted to go horse backriding or kayaking to see more of the interior of the island, but everything seemed to closed today.....maybe it was a sign? =0 So we decided to find a beach called the Kauapea (secret) beach. All we had to go by was a little map that didn't have all the roads on it. We followed the road that seemed to lead to it, but it didn't. It actually led to the Kilauea lighthouse and a bird wildlife refuge.Photobucket

We tried and tried to find secret beach. We finally stopped and asked someone how to get there and it really seemed to be least from tourists. We had to take a few unmarked back roads to get there....using just landmarks to lead the way. We finally arrived at something that looked like a makeshift dirt parking area and saw some people coming and going on a little dirt trail. So we decided to follow it and see where it lead.


It was downhill the whole way, but after walking for about 10 minutes we made it to Secret beach. It seemed to be a very private beach with not many people there. we could see the light house from here too.


While I am sitting there listening to some music I realize, as I am watching a cute little family, that I haven't been constantly thinking about my kids today. I guess that can be considered a good thing. I went to try and call them when I realized that, but I had no reception on this beach. ={

When the sun started getting lower and I started getting a little chilly just laying there I put my sweat shirt on and decide to explore a cool looking rocky area (yes, I love to explore new areas if you couldn't tell. Weston told me that I am more adventurous than him.) But this rocky area had this long stringy green plant over almost all of it. Surprisingly it was not slipperly like it looked. It felt like walking on a shag carpet and Weston best described it as looking like hair.


I kept feeling like I was seeing faces in all of the rock formations that I kept taking pictures of everything.....and I couldn't seem to get enough of those strong contrasting colors of that green plant and the black rock.


From there on up it seems to be all rocky on the coast. I find this to be one very colorful shoreline.



Just something else that was spotted on the shore. A little coconut. I must be going nutty because I see a face in this one too.


One thing....well actually one of the many many things that I like about this beach are all the coconut trees and all the coconuts that were on the ground under them.


We stayed there on Secret beach until the sun started to set and then we made our way back to the hotel.


We didn't have internet access there....well not free internet access. At first I felt at a loss for not having it, but now I am enjoying not having it. It is amazing at how it can seem to consume my day. Spending countless hours on it every week. This has been a very nice break from it.


Dragon said...

your pictures are beautiful.

Chickadee said...

The palm tree photo is awesome.

M:A:R:A said...

absolutely amazing! I enjoyed reading all of it! we should all move to Hawaii- its just a happier place there!

I remember my plane ride home waiting to see ryker- That was the most agonizing ride ever! I missed him sooo much!!!!

Welcome home!

Colorado Kid said...

Your blog has been the highlight of my dreary week! I really want to go there now, though! You have such a good "eye" and all that.

mjhay said...

What an amazing place! So many beautiful things to see! I love seeing it through your eyes. I love the picture of the Lighthouse! And Secret beach is VERY colorful!