Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 234

Is it good to be home? Yes and no. I really enjoyed being able to be with my mom for 3 weeks. It went by SO fast! And it was incredibly hard to leave...of course I shed tears when it was time to part. And once we were on the airplane, Ella started crying saying that she 'already really missed grandma.'
For some strange reason as soon as I got to UT, I kept feeling like it was fall here even before I got out of the airport. And then when I stepped outside and it was hot I felt so confused....I keep expecting fall weather. Maybe I am just ready for Fall.....not really, because after that comes the dreaded winter.
I found this when I got home. It is nice to know that I was missed. (I just noticed the miss spelling in the picture...hee hee).
I am so so so grateful for my mom and her generosity and for all of the wonderful memories created in those 3 short weeks.


Colorado Kid said...

That was sweet of Weston.

Dragon said...

That was a very thoughtful thing for him to do. I miss all of you, too! The house is way to quiet. I found Ella's bag of Cheerio's in the car today when I took the car seats out.

mjhay said...

I hate saying goodbye!