Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 235

It is back to the nursery for me. I was in the nursery when we lived in Bountiful and the I was the nursery leader in MA, and I just got a new calling to be in the nursery again...but this time it is with my hubby! I am not one to complain about the calling, I don't mind being in there at all. And I am happy that at least I will be able to keep one of my kids from crying during class time. And I am grateful to be able to teach this age group. (wow, that was one to many sentences starting with 'and') Their little minds are like sponges and I also like that they won't ask questions that I can't least that I can't answer without comfusing them more.



Oh, and I just love the new manual they have! Colored pictures, a better layout, looks great.


Afreaka said...

Wade and I were in the nursery together when I was pregnant with Cody. I remember trying to teach the Easter lesson about resurrection. I tried not to confuse them, but I am pretty sure they didn't get it.

The new manual looks awesome!

Colorado Kid said...

That's cool you will be together! So, will he go to church with you again and no more early meetings and getting kids ready alone? I may have this all wrong, just remembering that page you made one Sunday morning of craziness. :)

Clam Chowder Queen said...

You got it right. He will be here to help out, yeah! =)

kiki boobie said...

Not to mention the snacks too! YUM

mjhay said...

The same thing happens to me with primary. I always end up back in it eventually.