Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 233

Ella had been asking almost everyday since we got to my moms to go to Lion Country Safari. Well today, even though it was a little rainy, she got her wish.....and she grew tired of the driving part of the park pretty quickly! I guess it wasn't what she was expecting. She probably thought that there would be animals all over the place and surrounding the car at all times. And she kept asking when they were going to see the lions. And, I will admit, I was a little dissappointed with the lions. Last time we were here the lions were free to roam around the cars just like the other animals, but this time they were fenced in. Bummer. But there were still so many cool animals to see. And it was really neat-o to see the rhinos moving kind of quickly and they kept crossing back and forth on the road in front of our car.

And of course, after a long day of sitting in the car, and walking around the park, and going on rides, the day wouldn't be complete with out a full blown tantrum from this almost 2 year old. All because I had to take her away from one of those coin operated rides.

I am thankful for the diversity of animals that we have been given to enjoy.


Afreaka said...

Poor Acadia. Haha. I wonder what people thought when they saw you snapping photos of your poor crying child. ;P

Dragon said...

That was almost funny that she wanted to stay and play on that funny jeep filled with strange looking animals...that silly k-mart/toy store coin operated ride.

kiki boobie said...

I hate those coin op rides lol. Ryker is obsessed with them ha ha ha

mjhay said...

Poor thing! You take the best pictures.