Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break

Spring break is well under way and we haven't done too much.

So today I asked the girls what they wanted to do and they said Duck Pond and Castle park.

So we did both and were all worn out by the end of the day but I am grateful that we all had a blast!

 photo 2013_04_03_zps1333a3c6.jpg

 photo 2013_04_03b_zps286def04.jpg

 photo 2013_04_03c_zpseb1bf513.jpg

 photo 2013_04_03d_zps11f2f649.jpg

 photo 2013_04_02e_zps6187be05.jpg

 photo 2013_04_03f_zpsfc32937b.jpg

 photo 2013_04_03g_zps31cadcf0.jpg


Kimberly said...

What fun! The joy just radiates from those last photos!

Carolyn (Dragon) said...

She looks like she's having a fabulous time! Oh, to have the joy of a child, again.