Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fairy in a jar?

So here is the activity that I wanted to do the night before Little A's big show.
 I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

It didn't quite turn out how the photo on there showed (but you could totally tell that one was doctored.)
Here's how..

You need a jar (we used baby food jars), glow sticks, and very fine/small glitter.

First make your glow stick glow.
Then cut one end off of it and pour the contents into the jar.
Then quickly add your glitter to it and put the lid back on the jar.
Shake it all up and there you go....a fairy in a jar  lol.

The yellow/green glow sticks seemed to work the best.  At least they were the brightest.  And you have to be sure to put the lid on the jar quick....the ones that we were slower on didn't seem to stay glowing as long.  And adding more glow stick juice to the jars when they started to go dim didn't really make them glow too much longer.

They don't glow for too long (one of them lasted a couple of hours and then another one only lasted 20-30 minutes).

I am just thankful that my kids seemed to have a lot of fun playing with them and using their imaginations while they did glow.

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Arlene said...

Good to know. I have wanted to do this forever!