Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Slowly but surely


I am slowly trying to catch up on this blog. With morning sickness (which should be more acurately named 'all day sickness') and 3 sometimes crazy girls and just the everyday things that need to be taken care of, I am having a hard time being motivated to keep up with posting or to even take pictures. But, enough of my excuses....on with the post.
I was asked to come and take some pictures at a company's yearly Open House tonight. At first I felt a little wierd and out of place to be whipping out my camera and taking pictures in a grocery store. But soon I got in my 'groove' and had no problem taking pictures, thankgoodness.
I was a little surprised to see Santa in the store, but Little A was actually thrilled this year to see him. She ran up to him and practically jumped into his lap.
Makes me excited for Christmas.


Shauna said...


Afreaka said...

I'm so sorry you are having all day sickness. I remember those days well, and I really do wish I lived closer so I could take your kids and let you get some rest.

Carolyn (Dragon) said...

Where are the pictures of the Roy store, I only saw ones of the Bountiful store on the web Well I guess there were a couple of the Roy store, And I read an article about the employee ownership thingy.

Clammy said...

I haven't posted pictures anywhere yet. I am just kinda waiting for them to tell me what they want me to do with them.

Silly Goose said...

little a looks so happy!