Sunday, September 12, 2010

One more day.

Today is our last day up here....probably last day until next summer.

The day started out beautiful.

Little A was so stinkin' anxious to get up to the Big Rock. That is all she kept asking to do. And she got bored with waiting for me to get ready to take her up.


So, after much prompting from my youngest, we headed up there.

After the walk up the big hill to the big rock, none of the kids were too thrilled that I wanted to stop the playing long enough to snap a picture or two of them.


My kids seemed to love hearing about all the things that we used to do up there when I was their age. When I mentioned remembering a log bridge going across the Big rock to some other rocks they ran off and started dragging huge logs to make their own. And, with my hubby's help, they made a pretty good one.


I am thankful for one last hurrah up there this year.


mjhay said...

We had a blast! Thanks for coming up with us!

Carolyn (Dragon) said...

makes me want to make a trip to the cabin in October or November to catch the leaves turning.

Carolyn (Dragon) said...

Acadia sure looks bored, cut still cute!

It's great to see the kids together on the big rock.

Ella looks like she's walking out over thin air, which I hope she isn't. I can't see you letting her do that though.

Shauna said...

It's so fun seeing another generation enjoying the cabin.