Saturday, April 17, 2010

Do unto others


I am grateful that somedays she is just bursting at the seams with love to give.


Colorado Kid (Arlene) said...


Carolyn (Dragon) said...

It always amazes me that that chicken lets her cuddle with her. Guess she has a special touch.

Colorado Kid (Arlene) said...

I think you should send this to some farm magazines and that country one that is almost all pictures from regular people.

They used to have neat contests... And that reminds me, would you make a new challenge? I'm STILL doing Silhouettes. haha

She's a Goose Girl, I think! <3

Carolyn (Dragon) said...

I think animal planet is having people submit photos of kids and their pets. Can't remember if it's a contest or not. Do this one and Wes with a chicken on his head.