Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh dear.


So we were sitting their playing around and I said something to the affect of 'No, that's my daddy' playfully while tickling her. She stops in the middle of laughing. Looks at me and says 'No. You dad dead.' So I say 'yup. he is.' And then she goes on to talk about her 'grandpa grape' that has passed. So I say 'yup. They are both in heaven with Jesus and Heavenly Father.' She sat there thinking and then finally asks 'Jesus? Hev Fader?' So I say 'yup.' And then she says (and it kinda hit me hard) 'Me want to die. Me want to go too.'

So I say 'You can't go until it is your turn.' She seemed to accept that answer just fine....seeing how she has to wait her turn for just about everything. But, wow. I didn't see that one coming out of her mouth.

I am thankful for my religious beliefs.


Afreaka said...

Oh my gosh, Clammy. I would have totally lost it, I think. Wow. I'm getting teary just reading this.

Dragon said...

She must really miss them to say something like that. Grandpa Grape, didn't see that one coming. Love it!

Colorado Kid said...

Out of the mouths of!

Gina said...

awe... i guess we all feel that way a little bit when we lose people we love.