Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!

I couldn't have asked for a nicer fall day. I think it hit the 70's today! And the sun was shining. I have been so sleepy all day, so as soon as Acadia hit the hay I took a blanket outside and decided to take a nap in the sun.


I don't know what it was, but as soon as I was out there I was WIDE awake. I think I was just too happy to feel the warmth on me and enjoy the sounds of nature to sleep. I can't explain the joy that the warm sun brings to me.

I am grateful for joy.


Afreaka said...

Mmmm.... I also love the feel of the warm sun on my skin.

Colorado Kid said...

I'm with you! I took my kids out for several "special" activities out in the 75 degree sunshine this week! Cool picture.

Chickadee said...

I love the rays of sunshine.

mjhay said...

It was a beautiful day!