Thursday, September 10, 2009

First things first..

Who knows. Maybe it was number 1 on her check list of things to do today. But shortly after I got out of bed I look out the window and this is what see.


Now the sun was barely peeking over the mountains and here she is running through the sprinklers on a chilly morning. I guess I should say that I am grateful she was at least wearing a coat.

I was wondering how she got out there when I see that Weston is out there fixing a sprinkler. I can just imagine what she was thinking when she saw him out there....' Oh look Daddy's playing in the sprinklers! I wanna play too!'


Dragon said...

She would think it was alright even if the sun was barely up and it was cold if Daddy was out there getting wet. She definetly a water nymph!

Afreaka said...

That's so funny!

Colorado Kid said...

Priceless! A coat! hahaha