Monday, August 10, 2009

Hurry Girls!!!

'Hurry! Quick! We have an animal emergency!' I yelled to my kids as I ran in the house to grab a wash cloth. When I went outside to get the chilckens their food and water and when I bent down to grab the hose I almost stepped on a teeny tiny humming brid that was laying on it's back and breathing really fast. Now the first thing that came to my mind was 'gross! I wonder what disease it has!?' But then I thought 'No, when will I ever get to get this close to a humming bird again?' So as I ran in and told the girls what was going on they all ran out to look at it and then Ashlyn runs in and down the stairs yelling 'I'll get a box!' I pick it up gently in the washcloth and I say to Ella 'Quick! Get my camera!' Right before Ashlyn comes out with the box and Ella struggles to find the camera, it fly's right out of my hands and up into the trees.

It made me regret having Ella go get my camera and that Ashlyn had ran downstairs. I thought it was very neat to get to inspect that little bird up close and 2 of my girls missed that experience. =(


I am thankful that they got a little glimpse of it before they all ran off to try and help it (and to get my stinkin' camera).


Dragon said...

Glad the humming bird was OK. but sorry that you didn't get a picture of it.

Afreaka said...

Man, that stinks!

mjhay said...

That's strange! I wonder why it was just laying there?

Colorado Kid said...

You are the coolest mom!