Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wish you were here.

A few years ago my dad gave me his guitar. I never asked for it, he just gave it to me. And he would ask me everyonce in a while if I had learned anything on it. I never really sat down and made myself learn anything on it. I would play around on it, but never really learned how to play it. Since his passing, I have felt bad that I had never learned anything on it. So I heard a song that I really like and most of it is a strumming guitar so I got the sheet music for it...and I almost have it down!


I just wish that he was here to hear me finally play a song on it.

I miss my dad.

I am grateful for this little guitar that I picked up in Kauai for the girl. As soon as I brought out the big guitar Acadia was going crazy over it. I guess you can call me mean because I won't let them touch my dad's guitar (as it has now become one of my most cherished possessions).


Chickadee said...

I hope you make a video of your song so we can all hear and see you playing it.

Afreaka said...

I've been thinking a lot about Dad lately. I don't know why. I'm glad you are learning to play a song on the guitar.

Colorado Kid said...

That is great. I would like to see a video, too! What a great memory.

I am sorry you miss your dad. :( I've been thinking about him a lot lately, too, and all you guys.

Dragon said...

Shannon got an electronic electric field detector like the ghost hunters use. She brought it over today, she swears that Roger's ghost is here still and wants to prove it to me because I laugh at her when she says my house is haunted! And doesn't believe that the light switches have flickered for years she thinks Roger is doing it.

Dragon said...

That's cool to think you've learned to play Dad's guitar and a harmonica like your Grandfather. Now If I just get the violin repaired to can learn to play it better than I ever did.