Friday, July 24, 2009

Pioneer Day


Happy Pioneer Day! I am just starting to get used the idea of 2 days of firework holidays in July here. It was very strange to me when I first moved here.

Anyway, we had a BBQ at Jordan and Courtney's house. It was a tough day for them (was the due date of their baby) so they had a bbq/almost like a birthday party. And it was nice to be with them and family and to remember Jaycee and set off fireworks.

I am grateful for all the things this date will always remind me of.


AZ Hey-mon said...

what a fun picture of fireworks!

Dragon said...

Utah really is it's own unique universe. I really miss the big 24th of July celebrations, though. Our ward/stake does nothing! except for pioneer oriented alks on the Sunday closest to teh 24th.