Friday, May 1, 2009

Not too shabby.

Ok, so I am usually not one to go 'look what I got! look what I got!' But since these are the only pictures that I have for the day I'll say it..... 'look what I got!' ;p
It is nothing really big, but since I am not one who is in the position to spend hundreds of dollars on a nice new lens (hey right now I can't even afford to rent one!) But enough of this 'wo is me' stuff, right? Anyway, I spent like $35 dollars on a filter set for my lens. Woohoo! Yes I know I am a nerd.
It came with 4 different lens filters....and one of them was a macro filter! And I was just playing around with it a little bit today.
Can you see the little tiny bug in it?
The next one just has my finger in it so you have something to compare it to.
And just ignore my very dirty finger nail. I had been weeding and I refuse to wear gloves.
In my opinion it is not too shabby for only $35 dollars.
I am thankful for good deals.


Dragon said...

cool. Where did you get the set of lenses.

Afreaka said...


AZ Hey-mon said...

That is really cool to see the difference.
yea, for you getting your new lens

Colorado Kid said...

You rock! Thanks for sharing the site with the lenses. I'm such a niece copycat! I hate weeding with gloves, too. (Except for picking out snails.)

Hollz E. Wineford (Holly) said...

You make me smile.
I am greatful that my favorite Care Bear can make me smile everyday!!! Thanks Babe.
Happy Mothers Day!!1

Chickadee said...

I see Whoville!

Clammy said...

I got them from ebay.
Here is the link to ones just like the one I got. It is a really long link..