Friday, May 29, 2009

Finding the perfect campsite.

Weston got off work early today so we loaded up the car and headed to American Fork Canyon for a weekend of camping.

The sad thing was that we got there around dinner time and all the campgrounds were full!!!! BUT, there was a road farther up the canyon that you could camp anywhere off the bathrooms or anything like that, but I am ok with that.


We had to drive SO stinkin far up that really rocky sometimes really narrow road to find a spot that wasn't takenn and not super close to the river (knowing Acadia she probably would have fallen in it the minutes we let her out of the car).

But we found one and it was a pretty good spot. So now we are all settled in we can start our weekend adventure.


Colorado Kid said...

Yeah! That's my home-away-from- home canyon! Next time, we want to come WITH you!! :)

Dragon said...

Sorry all the spots with facilities were taken. Hope the girl's are managed OK and that Acadia didn't fall in the river.

Dragon said...

Boy did this post grow. It looks like you really had a great time, wish I had been there. I'm glad that all that got lost in the river was a ball and a bucket and none of my grandkids! Wait until you see the marshmallows Karen sent for our trip. Way to big for a Smores. And you can limit the kids to one without any protests. I can't wait to see what they do with them.

Dragon said...

so sorry Ella collided with an stalactite. I can feel her pain. I collided with a tree branch walking to the park with Elise. I didn't duck low enough. But my head didn't bleed, although I did end up with a scab for some reason must have scraped it on the bark.

AZ Hey-mon said...

We really need to have a Westside campout soon.

Colorado Kid said...

Westside!? You want to have a campout at my school?!?! hahahaha