Sunday, May 31, 2009

End of the Journey

We had a relaxing morning and were slowly packing up our things....and then it started raining. =(

At first it was just sun-showers and then we saw black clouds in the distance behind the mountains so we hurried it up and packed up a wet tent.


I thought that it was funny that the rain had decided to stop when we were all loaded in the car. And when we made it down to the lake it was still nice enough to have our lunch and hang out by the water.


It was a great weekend for camping.

I am grateful for man made lakes.


Afreaka said...

I love the little one in the raincoat.

AZ Hey-mon said...

Thanks for the virtual campout. It really makes me want to go camping soon. what a fun weekend for ya'll.

Clammy said...

Lets plan a camping trip for this summer!!! That would be so much fun for us Westerners.

Dragon said...

You should. It's almost like having the whole family together, to have two or three family together. And they are so fun. Especially if AZ was to bring some of those big marshmallows.

Chickadee said...

Looks like you had a great time. Some of my best childhood memories are from family camping trips.

Colorado Kid said...

I love that lake and your picture. We want to crash to the Westside campout. :) I agree with Chickadee about best memories.

I need to get some of those AZ marshmellows!