Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chicken Love

It is so stinkin funny to watch Ella and her chicken, Playdoh Icecream.

She has to be monitored or else she would be holding her every minute she was home.

I think that this song is perfect for the way she thinks about this little gal.

I am grateful that Ella loves this 'pet'.


Afreaka said...

I love it! And that song really is perfect for the clip.

Chickadee said...

Oh my goodness. That is the best video EVAH!

Dragon said...

It's a wonder that the chicken puts up with being manhandled like that. That's great that she likes her chicken that much.

Hollz E. Wineford (Holly) said...

That's the cutest ever!!!

Colorado Kid said...

She's a GOOSE GIRL!!! I started out laughing and ended up with tears at how sweet she is to PI and I have never seen such a sweet chicken! You should send it to Letterman or Oprah or somebody.