Friday, March 27, 2009

Finally done!

After: Can't really tell what it looks like in the picture, oh well.

So after finally finishing that flowerbed, we headed over to the park to play...

and to walk on the heart trail for a little while before dinner.


I am grateful that my little Acadia just seems to love and adore her grandma!


Colorado Kid said...

Your pictures are pure joy! (cute skirts!)

Afreaka said...

Ahhh! Too sweet.

I think the flower bed is going to be great! What did you guys plant?

Chickadee said...

The last picture is so sweet. It made me teary.

Dragon said...

All kinds of plants to attract birds and butterflies. Red Passion flowers, pink and red Pentas, purple Summer peutunia's, purple Porter Plaants, The red Gerber Daisy Shauna gave me, blue Delphiniums, Chives, red/yellow Lantana, firewitch dianthus, and a pink boganvia vine. and assorted yellow, red and purple, wildflower seeds. already I have butterflies visiting the patch. I can't wait for it to start fillin in.

mjhay said...

I didn't know that tree was removed in the back yard.
Those two are so sweet!

Dragon said...

I for the dwarf pampas grass. The passion flower is a vine. The neighbor has a vine on his fence to the west that attracts butterflies, too. It's orange.