Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Baby!

It was fun to see the turtles at the turtle museum today. Last time we were here all the turtles were inside because of Tropical Storm Fay. Acadia just loved them....especially the 'baby' ones.


We ended the day in candle light for the global 'earth hour' where you turn off the lights for 1 hour in your house today. We also opted for no tv and no computer during it....which led to some nice one on one time for these two.


I am thankful for the wonders of the ocean.


Afreaka said...

Cool pictures. I wish I'd known about the global earth hour!

Dragon said...

you need to join facebook Afreaka. and connect with old roommates and friends. and learn about things like earth hour.

mjhay said...

I didn't know about earth hour either. I loved going to that turtle museum.

Colorado Kid said...

Going there was one of my favorite things except learning the sad parts. Love your pictures!