Monday, March 30, 2009

Dad for the day.

We wanted to spend part of our last day at the beach. While we were there Acadia started playing with this guy. All she wanted to do was play with him and he didn't seem to mind. But after what seemed like 2o minutes, I decided to try and distract her and give the guy a break.


This is the end result from me taking her away from him.


It was one of the biggest fits I have seem from this little one. She curled up on her knees and put her forehead on the sand and just cried and cried. And screamed and yelled. I think she misses her daddy.

I am thankful that I was able to spend so much time with my wonderful mom!


Dragon said...

She sure want to stay and play with him. and she sure did get mad. I agree with you. I think she was missing her Daddy and sisters.

mjhay said...

I was so surprised by how much she liked Scott when we came to visit a while back. I think she likes Men. (Nothing improper implied) It makes me see how important both a Mother and a Father are in the life and development or a child. Each have something only they can give. Both so important.
I bet she is really missing her Dad! She's so sweet!

Colorado Kid said...

I better not tell Carl. :) Poor little thing. She sure has cute swim suits!