Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow Snow go away


It is funny how sometimes the weather seems to match my mood....dreary. I am bummed and frustrated about my mom's situation, kids are sick, my fingers nearly got frozen off today while feeding Rose (they were so cold that I couldn't feel them AT ALL....seriously. I couldn't even tell if I was touching the gate to her cold that it made me sick to my stomach and I felt like I was going to pass out. I don't like the cold), and to top it off I am tired of all the snow that we have had the past week. I do think that it is kinda cool how the snow seems to coat everything, just wish that it would stay off the phone lines. Our phones seem to work only half of the time ever since the storms have come through.....ok enough complaining now. I am grateful for bright yellow signs that you can see well even on dreary days like this.


Colorado Kid said...

ohhhh frigidness! That is COLD!!

I looked at the horse book you are reading a while back. :) Do you like it. I saw it when I was looking at some dog ones.

I think we are secret goose girls.

Dragon said...

I would be wanting to escape to if I was seeing this scene every day for very many days. It is very deary looking and depressing

mjhay said...

That is a bright sign! I am sorry for the dark weather. I am not a very big fan of winter weather, especially after living in such a hot climate for so long.

Charlene said...

It looks so pretty to me.