Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Day 314

This is a little bracelet that I made to go with a skirt that I made for Ashlyn for Christmas.
I am thankful for all the wonderful tutorials on the internet.


Dragon said...

Is it safe to post a picture of it? What if someone says something to her or she overhears someone talking to you about it?

Colorado Kid said...

Oh Dragon, I was so confused about "is it safe..." !!! I thought about internet safety and that junk!

It's so cute! I am very curious how you made it! I want to hire you to find tutorials for me! A girl at church had a "Hooter Hider" when she nursed her baby and I asked to look at it later - itlooked really easy to sew but I don't know how to find a tutorial on it!

Afreaka said...

"Hooter Hider"?!!! That is the most hilarious name I have ever heard! ROTFL!

Dragon said...

AZ's mom makes them and AZ gave one to MJ. I think she was going to get the instructions from her mom for them.

Colorado Kid said...

She told me that name sitting in RS and I LOL, too!