Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 277


We stayed the night in Park City. We ended up going for a swim and enjoying the hot tub that the hotel had. We then caught the first session of conference (part of it in the hotel and the other part of it on the drive home). Today the weather was better. It was chilly, but not near as rainy. We could see the fall colors better today and it was beautiful! This town just seems very charming. Too bad we can't stay longer to enjoy it and explore it. We headed over to Weston's parents house for dinner and the 2nd session of conference.
I am thankful that we have the technology to listen to conference on the radio, on the tv, or on the internet....isn't that awesome? =)


Chickadee said...

So pretty. I'm glad you got to spend a night away from everything.

mjhay said...

Only in Utah! I wish we could go for a drive and still listen to conference or watch it on the TV. But I am grateful we could all sit in our computer room and watch on the computer.

Colorado Kid said...

Cool picture. I think we're spoiled getting so many choices for conference here.