Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Weston had the day off and we spent most of the day doing things around the house. We replaced our bathroom sink and the faucet in there, painted our closet doors, did yard work, etc. I also brought out the training toilet for Acadia. I know that she is a bit young to be learning, but everytime she has a dirty diaper she lets me know and wants to be changed. As soon as I brought it out and showed her what it was for , all she wanted to do was sit on it any chance she got! She screamed and cried when I got tired of waiting for her to be done and forced her to put her diaper back on. She is funny and who knows, maybe she will potty train early....that would be nice.
I am thankful for my nice, new sink and faucet!


Alisha said...

I love this picture!!! I've been trying to potty train Kate too, but we have the same problem!!! She doesn't want to wear her diaper either. Yikes.
Enjoy your new sink!

Colorado Kid said...

Very creative. :) How funny if she looks back on it a long time from now.

mjhay said...

Good luck with that. I know we have a long way too go.