Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 218

Our day started out good with all of us leaving pretty close to the time we planned on. But then, of course, it seemed like everyone had to go to the bathroom at different times. Maybe our kids were secretly guzzling soda in the back of the car. Around lunch time we happened to be in Georgia right near where Weston's sister lives and so we had a lunch break with her. And since Georgia is known for their peaches, we ate at a great peach place. . . mmmm peach bologna sandwiches. =) There was a little play ground there with tractors and such. This is Ella with her cousin Ryker.

There was also a small field of flowers....zinnias, I think.

Besides the thousands of potty breaks and the longer-than-planned fun lunch, and traffic in Atlanta, we also had some screwed up directions from map quest, or someplace of the sort. With one of our wrong turns we ended up at this pretty little lake. I am thankful for little surprises like this lake......and that we finally made it to our campsite after 12-13 hours of driving. (Didn't the map only say it would take around 9 hours?)


mjhay said...

Wow! What a detour. You got to see some beautiful sites. That's nice you got to see Weston's sister.

Colorado Kid said...

Cool pictures!