Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 179

Today was our last day there and it was another fun day watching the kids act like they were the one eyed-sheep herder. I love to watch children use their imagination. And I loved how well all of them played together. No fights to break nice. One of my favorite things at the cabin is this little book. Whenever somone visits they can write in it if they want to. You can write what you did while you were there, past memories, anything you want about the 'Tree House.' Such a neat idea and it was fun to look back and read about my last visit there. I am thankful for who-ever brought this book up there.


Colorado Kid said...

That makes me so happy! I need to give you a picture of you writing in it. ;)

Dragon said...

Couldn't find the one-eyed sheep herder?! That's cool that they invented their own! Too funny.

Chick has one at her house for guests as well. I think they're a nice idea. Helps you remember when someone was there and the fun things you did.