Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 178

Ok, I have WAY too many pictures to choose from! But this kind of sums up the wonderful day at the cabin.

We got the kids all excited about the 'fort' and when we went tromping through the woods to see it, all it was was a pile of sticks and some string (it finally fell down this past winter)....they were like 'THAT is the fort?!?!?' It was funny. But it was so much fun showing them and talking to them about the things that we did there when we were kids. The Big Rock, the One Eyed Sheep Herder (they walked around for quite a while trying to find him and then acting like they were the sheep herder), exploring the woods, etc. It was a great day of hanging out, riding in the 'Bucket', and just having fun together. I am so grateful for such a wonderful day!


Afreaka said...

FUN!!! I have always felt bad that I have never been able to take my kids up to the cabin.

Dragon said...

Some day you will.

Looks like you had a great time at the "Tree House".

Colorado Kid said...

Love your pictures (except one of them!)! I wish I could see all of them.

Maybe next summer, Afreaka?!