Monday, June 23, 2008

Day 173

Today was one of those downer days....I seem to be having a bunch of them lately. You know, the days where you feel like you are good at nothing and never excel and there is always someone to make you feel bad for not being as good as them. Don't tell me that I am the only one who has these kind of days. The things that I want to accomplish have never come easy to me. Things that I have been trying to excell at for years. And then I watch someone who is so good at everything that they try and everything seems so easy to them no matter what they try. Well, anyway, today was one of those days. And all I have to say to end this day is that I am grateful for tomato soup. Oh and I'm not putting this on here to try to get someone to say something nice about me.... this is kind of like my journal and so I just have to tell it like it is.


Colorado Kid said...

I get spurts of those days, too. Next time I'm going to try some soup. (I like your end comment. I've wanted to say that sometimes, too. totally seem like one of those people that CAN do anything they try and EXCEL. I really admire you as a mom, homemaker, crafter, photographer, niece, you're beautiful inside & out, kind, sweet...I wish I was a lot more like you. But pretend I didn't write that. ;) It's like that quote "I wish you could see you in my eyes" or something. You're really incredible!)

Dragon said...

I have to agree with those sentiments. We all have days like that.

I am constantly amazed by the things my family* does. The things all of you do are amazingly incredible and I wonder how all of you do all the things that you do and what incredible, sweet people you are.

*family=children, siblings, relatives of all sorts...

Afreaka said...

What?! The girl who hates tomatoes actually likes tomato soup? ;)

I agree with you about the journal thing. I have occasionally wanted to say something similar. It's a journal and we need to post our true feelings and thoughts and not worry about sugar-coating it.

And, don't be too hard on yourself. There are many times I have lamented because you are so much better at something than I am!