Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day 172

Talk about one excited little girl! She has been telling anyone and everyone that she came across that it was going to be her birthday (and I mean everyone)! Well, today was the big day and she is now 5! Hurray! We had a pinata and played pin the tail on the donkey and had cake. She loved it even if it was just her family. She was so full of energy and excitement and love, it was so cute to watch and fun to be part of this special day with her. I am thankful that she is part of my little family.


Dragon said...

Birthdays are such big milestones when your a kid.

Happy Birthday, Ella!

Colorado Kid said...

She does look happy. That cake is amaaaazing! 5 is such a cool year with so many changes.

Afreaka said...

What a cute picture. She looks so happy and excited!