Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 166

It finally felt warm enough today to turn on the sprinklers for the kids to play in! I was a little worried about Ella being sad because we burried her mouse, Cinderella, last night. She would run back to the mouse's grave now and again, but no tears. I never thought it would be so hard to tell someone that their mouse died, but it made me shed a few tears...over a stinkin mouse! Ok, it wasn't over the mouse it was over the sadness that my 4yr old had from loosing her little Cinderella. But she seems to have gotten over it quickly and I am grateful for that!


Dragon said...

I'm sorry that Cinderella died and I'm glad that she's gotten over it qauickly.

Colorado Kid said...

Poor Ella and Cinderella. :`(

AZ Hey-mon said...

So sad for Ella. I love that she named her cinderELLA. I can't believe you had a pet mouse in your house.