Friday, June 13, 2008

Day 163

Wow! I am just amazed at the excitment and energy that my kids have sometimes! When I asked them if they wanted to make something for their dad for fathers day they acted like it was Christmas morning! Jumping and squealing and so much excitment! I loved it! Their excitment was contagious and made me smile. So, I took them to a craft store to pick something to make. They wanted to make him a 'tool box', so we found a wood crate and they picked the color to paint it and even some wood decorations they painted and glued on it and then, when it was dry, we put some goodies and stuff in it. I am thankful for projects where there is no fighting...and this just happened to be one of them!


Dragon said...

What a fun project for them to do!

Afreaka said...

How fun!