Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Day 161

Talk about frustrating! Here I am at a concert for LeAnn Rimes and I am on the 10th row pretty much center stage and I FORGOT MY CAMERA! So I thought, hey Weston carries a camera in his car I will just use that....and it turns out that his camera is at work...humph! So, then I say to myself 'at least I have my camera phone!' The photos were turning out horrible, but at least I got some, right? I then remember that I can take video on my phone too, so I hurry and try to take a video and it keeps saying error, error....... Then I think 'Hey I can take a voice recording of my favorite songs on my phone! Yeah! But, of course, that isn't working either! So I say to myself, oh well. Some bad photo's are better than no photos. Oh, I decide to sit back, enjoy the music, and take picture with my phone. After the show is over and as we are walking out I take the battery out of my phone and when I put it back in everything works! The video, the voice recorder, everything! If only I had tried that one simple thing earlier! *sigh* Silly me!Well, I am thankful for Westons work who gave us the tickets to the show and that I could have fun....even with my technical difficulties! =)


Colorado Kid said...

Cool! What a fun night (minus the technical stuff)!

Dragon said...

You?! YOU forgot your camera?! I don't believe it! To funny! :)

Afreaka said...

Your hubby gets some cool perks through his job.