Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 29

Well, it was dad's birthday and so I tried to think about all of the birthdays of the past. I got to celebrate his birthday last January with him. It was the first time since I was in high school that I was able to do that. We took him out to dinner at a Mexican returant and had them sing happy birthday to him and I gave him a sign language book since he had always told me that he wanted to learn it (and then I would quiz him every week). I also thought about when we threw a surprise party for him when he turned 50 (I think). It was a lot of fun. Someone brought a wheelchair for him and pushed him around in it. Good times. Happy birthday, Dad! You lived a great life and it is an honor to have you as my Dad.


mjhay said...

That was just before we blessed the babies. I wish we could have come up earlier to be there for his birthday.

Colorado_Kid said...

I love this picture. Such joy in his face.